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Model DP10U+ Express keys 4 User Assignable keys(Factory preset with Zoom in ,
Type LED, 16:10 wide screen   Page up, Page down, Zoom out)Physical Specs
Active display area (H x V) 222.72 mm x 125.28 mm (10.1" diagonal) Mode switch Digitizer mode / Tablet monitor mode
Native resolution 1024 x 600 Display modes 640 x 350 @ 70Hz   720 x 400 @ 70Hz
Pixel pitch (H x V) 0.2175 x 0.2175 mm   640 x 480 @ 60Hz/72Hz/75Hz
Luminance of white (typical) 180cd/㎡   800 x 600 @ 60Hz/72Hz/75Hz
Contrast ratio (typical) 650:1   1024 x [email protected] 60Hz
Response time (typical) 8 ms Physical Specs  
Viewing angle (typical) Horizontal 90°, Vertical 65°, @ CR ≥ 10 Unit dimension (W x H x D) 340 x 206 x 12 mm
Number of colors 16.7M Weight Net 0.68kg, Gross 1.1kg
Electrical Specs   Package 423x284x67 mm
Horizontal & Vertical Frequency H:31~ 48 kHz;V:55 ~ 70 Hz Accessories  
Pixel frequency 50MHz Pen kits package x 1
Video signal input Analog video input via USB USB cable x 1
  built in video card that runs over any USB 2.0 connection Manual x 1
Power supply 5VDC 0.8A U-Stand x 1
  USB powered CD x 1
Power consumption max: 4.1 watts; saving:<0.7w; off<0.4w Reliability&Certificates  
Interactive Technology   Operation Temperature and  
Interactive method Electromagnetic resonance method humiduty 0 -40°C, 20-80%RH
Tablet resolution 4000 LPI (lines per inch) Storage Temperature and  
Tracking speed 200 PPS (points per second) humiduty -20 -60°C, 10-90%RH (non-condensing)
Pen Pressure Sensitive 2048 Levels Certificates CE / FCC
Inking Start 5g    
Pen Detectable Tilt range Down to 45° from vertical    
Pen Readable Height Maximum 5 mm (between pen tip and glass surface)    
USB USB x1    
User control      
Brightness Control 2keys (brightness up/down) up/down    
Before contacting service personnel, you might be able to try the suggested actions that are appropriate to your problem.

No. Symptom Suggested Action
101 No picture Check the Mode Switch was turn on to Tablet Monitor mode.
Check USB c able should be completely connected to the computer and monitor.
Check computer whether are in dormancy mode. Press keyboard or move the mouse to Reactivate the system.
Try adjusting the brightness.
Check that the computer is switched on.
If you use laptop PC, check that the external (RGB) output is selected.
Try to change USB ports.
Check that OS is Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7.
Check that DisplayLink Driver has been installed.
102 Picture is gray Adjust the brightness controls.
When the brightness of the screen lowers after being used for a certain period and the function of the
display is affected, send it to our authorized service center for repair.
103 Picture noise Move electrical devices that may cause electrical interference.
104 Picture is fuzzy Physical resolution is 1024 x 600. Under the resolution, it will get the best display.
201 The pen is no function Check APO whether actives, click pen tip could recall active status.
Check the battery whether worn out? If yes, please replace the pen battery.
Try using mouse to double check, if mouse also no function, please restarting your computer or your application.
Try to reinstall the USB Tablet driver.
202 The cursor move Incorrectly Eliminate interference from nearby electrical devices.
Try r estarting your computer for double check.
203 The side switch does not work Be sure that when you press the side button, the pen tip is within 5mm of the display surface and your pen tip is not against the display surface.
Be sure that the side button is set to the proper function you are expecting to occur for the application.
204 The cursor is far out from pen tip The a ccuracy of pen cursor please refers to specs, if you found over this specs, please to do the Screen
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