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Education & Training
Yiynova‘s all-in-one Tablet PC provide professors, instructors, trainers, teachers, and team leaders with the ability to intuitively use the interactive pen input directly on the screen to communicate in the most effective manner possible. Using readily available software like PowerPoint, Acrobat, NetMeeting and Word, the pen input Tablet PC makes it extremely easy and natural to draw, annotate and mark-up directly on the screen.
Pen input Tablet PC easily integrate into existing AV infrastructures and can be used on the podium, lectern, conference table, or AV cart. Connect the pen display to an LCD projector and share your ideas with a group of any size without having to turn your back on the audience to point at the image they see. Pen displays are perfect for presenting and interacting with audiences in large auditoriums and lecture halls.

A pen input Tablet is also ideal in a collaborative environment, where the ease of using a pen on screen allows people to pick up a pen and immediately begin controlling the cursor with confidence and annotating as they would on paper.
Record Keeping: Saves added comments, illustrations, explanations on the PC. Content sharing via easy file exchanges. No need to hand copy and record.
Comfortable / More Closeness to Students: No longer need to turn back and forth to face the students as you repeatedly write or draw on the board.
Environmental Protection / Healthy: No more white / black board, chemically-rich markers. Clean, good for hygiene.

Seminars & Conferences
Do on-location presentations, using Tablet Product and projectors together directly. Making real-time data calculations, demonstrations using spreadsheets, chart comparisons and analysis, sorting out processes. Writes on monitor screen to make repeated adjustments. No limits.

Professional & Efficient: Utilizing various features of Tablet Product to edit, sketch, and add comments.

Graphic Design & Illustration
Illustrations and Sketches: Tablet Product is much more effective for sketches and illustrations than touch-screen products. It allows much more accuracy in drawing, in line thickness, and in color. It also allows a broad choice of drawing tools to demonstrate high quality, professional illustrations, sketches, and design concepts.

Outputting Design Files: You can unlimitedly make revisions to your design / illustration files, hence overcoming all sorts obstacles existing in transferring paper files to electronic, such as distortions and inconveniences.

Health & Medical
Medical Diagnosis: Sharing electronic diagnosis
Medical Consultation: Doctors can use Tablet Product to give clear, direct explanation and consultation to patients
Electronic Medical Record: Using Tablet Product to record medical diagnosis and prescriptions provided. Allows electronic storage system to keep medical records, thereby ensuring paper-free work environment.

Space saving & easy to retrieve.

Handwritten Personal Usages
Handwritten e-mail, MSN, Journal and Notice stick: Writing directly on screen natural hand-eye coordination help work simple, comfort, and productivity.
Handwritten comments & Digital Signature: Makes remarks and corrections directly on electronic documents with digital signature there will be no more paper and no more scanning.

Business & Office
Interactive Briefing: Highlight and emphasize key points using Tablet Product as you do briefings, while displaying these real-time on a large screen. Much more convenient and effective than using just laser pens. Can easily interact with audiences and write in their discussion points, remarks and conclusions.
Supportive Descriptions: For contents not easy to understand, presenter can writes and draws to explain. Can easily erase any supportive descriptions not needed to keep.

Presentation: Make your idea on the screen, make attractive presentation with speed, accuracy, and comfort.
Fast, Efficient: Can directly save any added contents onto electronic files.

Digitizier Display features a high-quality, wide-format color display and WVGA 1024 x 600 resolution, providing ample space for both signatures and promotional messages. It provides an innovative way of branding, advertising or promoting to the customer at point-of-sale. High-resolution images, logos, or marketing messages truly stand out on the vibrant display. The screen also offers plenty of space to incorporate soft keys or menu buttons.

Before you sign the document you can see the content on LCD screen display.

In order to utilize the usage of Pen Touch Tablet LCD Monitor. Our website will gradually offer some applications of our product.The use cases will cover various areas such as drawing, artwork, hospital, classroom, education, store product input, presentation ... etc.
For right now, you can check the graphics in our website which are all designed by our Pen-Touch LCD products. Our Logo is also created by the DP10 USB Digitizer Display.

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